Sunday, May 8, 2011

Virginia Muslim Community

Salaam wa alaikum everyone!

I know it has been awhile but I have been extremely busy al hamdililah! I will be drafting a post on my Umrah trip soon insha'Allah.

Right now my current beef is with the Virginia Muslim Community and it's social scene. I am from a small town, and I lived in Baltimore for a few years. I have lived in the city and in the "country" if you will. However, nothing has been similar to this Northern VA, DC community. That being said I have been in the area for over a year now, and would like to voice my opinion on some issues with the social community.

1. Why does everything have to be listed on facebook? I understand facebook is a great way to network, inform many people for free, and meet new friends, however.....why doesn't anyone use the telephone anymore? Or even email? I do not like my daily activities blasted all over the internet, however in this area I have no choice. No facebook event= no attendees.

2. Mixed events...are the ONLY events..... Ok, I don't mind Islamically mindful mixed events...and I understand that not everyone has the same viewpoints as me....but where are the girls nights?? HELLOO! I have been down here over a year and there have only been I hosted! what's up with that? I'm sorry but everytime I go to mixed events I get hit on, and I only end up getting to know men. Women are so distracted at these events and are NOT interested in getting to know girls...I wish that there were more girl events....also I wear my hijab ALL day EVERYDAY...why do I want to go to social events where I have to do that as well???

3. Depth of friendship....why do people try to be friends with 203940239480293840 people? You are never going to be close with these people. You attend all of these gatherings, fundraisers, and networking events, only to come out with 12 business cards and only first names. I'm sorry but this is not my way of living. I want to know that I have people that would take me to the hospital, nurture me when I am sick, and actually notice if I dropped off the face of the planet.

4. Invite someone over your HOUSE. I understand it is stressful to host people (especially why you wouldn't if it was mixed) HOWEVER how are you really friends if you have never seen them without hijab, and have never broken bread together. I love having people over for dinner and feeding them! No one ever wants to come over my house though. I think people have ADD at NOVA because there are so many events to chose from that a normal dinner seems boring. Try it some me it is more rewarding than you think insha'Allah....

Well that just about wraps up my rant on NOVA...let me know what you guys think....